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        感谢您光临我们的网站。机器人科技网 (www.robotious.com)创立于2016年,是一家专注于机器人科技新知传播的专业化新媒体,是当代两大高新技术“机器人”与“互联网”跨界融合的有益尝试。这里有机器人科技前沿的最新报道,也有机器人学术领域的深度文章,是机器人科教人员、从业者和爱好者了解机器人科技发展与变革的一扇窗口。 

About Our Web

Thank you for visiting our website. The Web of Robotic Science and Technology (www.robotious.com) was founded in 2016, which is a specialized new media focused on the dissemination of new knowledge about robotic science and technology. As a beneficial attempt, two different high-tech in mordern world, "Robot" and "Internet", was integrated in our website. The latest reports on the forefront of the robot technology are avaliable on our website, but also the deepen academic articles on the robotic research. The website acts as a window to understand the development and reform of robotic science and technology for researchers, practitioners and amateurs in robotic domain.

关于站长(Dr. WW Li)